Where it all started

As we enter into our 4th wedding seasons with our rental inventory, I wanted to reflect back on our four years of furniture redesign and how our company began. We get a bit busy once wedding season comes around, but this is where our passion is rooted. We create one of a kind furniture pieces for client's homes by sourcing vintage pieces and giving them a new life.

This adventure started when I moved to Colorado with only what fit in my car. I painted my first piece of furniture a fun chartreuse green as a desk in my room. (one of my favorite colors right now, thank you Emma Stone!) I was photographing newborns for a local company and teaching group exercise classes around the Denver area. After moving out of the first Denver home, my yummy boyfriend (now hubs) and I moved in to his 2nd floor apartment. I started working out of the second bedroom painting dressers and small pieces to make some extra money (much to his dismay, helping me move large pieces up and down our large staircase). I moved shortly after to a 2-car garage that I rented within bike riding distance for my first shop area which was a ton of fun and gave me the motivation to continue to grow.

After an opportunity with one of my favorite design companies in Denver to rent 20 vintage white chairs, I expanded my company into the wedding rental business. We outgrew the garage and now work out of a 1500 square foot warehouse and office for the past 2.5 years. This has been a wild ride, but the best 4 years of my life. This season we have honed in on the goals that will keep us focused on the design elements that we are passionate about and continuing to grow our Home Collection and redesign elements of our plan.

Here's to 2015 and what we believe will be the best year yet for our tiny company. We hope you enjoy some photos of our past redesign work and please check out our available custom pieces for redesigning to add a touch of color to your home.

XO, Gretchen