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Cody Meyer- Marketing Manager

What occupies your time at Yonder?

I hone in on how to best elevate the Yonder brand. Originality is a huge part of our brand because we’re doing our own thing that is always fresh and new and nothing like other full-service design houses. My job really is to translate all the love, dedication and passion of our team to the world. Showcasing all the folks that make this place tick is a privilege and a joy. I love sharing our stories and the stories of our clients and partners.  

I’m also all about a cross-promotion to make a win-win for everyone. We believe this industry is about creating together and inspiring one another.   

What do you consider the “Yonder Magic”?
It’s more of a feeling really. It’s when all the moving parts come together to create this moment. It’s a moment our team has curated for a client and it truly is a moment for us as well. It’s when all the planning, logistics, design, creativity, etc. fall away and the magic can just exist and shine on its own.

What do you do when no one else is around?
I talk to myself. For rea! I’m an auditory processor and need to talk out loud to be my best self. It keeps the flow in my mind going full speed ahead. I used to be self conscious about it and now I just do me. Although, it is weird when I’m in Target providing commentary about scented candles to those around me. Ahhh! So I guess I don’t just do that when I’m alone! Oh well.  

Whatcha doin’ when you’re not at Yonder?

When not at Yonder, I’m thinking about Yonder. Ha! Very true, but I’m also a Licensed Professional Counselor and have a private practice. I’m passionate about mental health and breaking down the stigma of seeking help. I’ve benefitted from my own counseling and it is wonderful to provide for others. I also care for #acatnamedthursday who is as loving as she is sassy. Meeeoowwwwww

If your life was a movie… what’s the title and who’s playing you?
The working title is “We Are The Universe Looking In On Ourselves” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt with guest appearances by Sandra Oh, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Indya Moore and Trixie Mattel. Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep, co-directing. RuPaul Andre Charles, executive producing. Of course, Beyonce has wanted to be part of the project from the very beginning begging me to let her score an all-original soundtrack to really solidify the emotional quality of the film. And I think I’m going to let her be involved. Yeah, pretty sure I’m gonna let her do that.