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Please fill out the form below, read the contract terms and e-sign below to complete your rental contract. Please note: This does not pay your deposit nor give us permission to run your card for your deposit. Payment must be made via the separate link provided or by request to your Yonder contact. Thank you.

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This card will be held on file for any damages incurred to inventory. Client will be notified via an emailed invoice prior to any charges.
Please read through this rental agreement below. You are accepting the terms of this agreement in full. 1. All dates and/or items require a 25% non refundable deposit to hold them for rental. Deposit will be applied to final bill and balance will be due 30 days prior to delivery date. The date and rental items are not reserved until deposit and signed rental agreement are submitted to and received by Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC. 1a. Once the deposit has been paid, the renter is no longer able to reduce the monetary total of the invoice. Renter must continue to minimally meet the invoice amount as of the date of the paid deposit. Inventory selected may be changed, based upon availability, as long as the total invoiced amount is maintained. 1b. For tabletop inventory only, client is able to reduce quantities of items by 10% no later than 30 days prior to the event date without reapplying these funds to other Yonder inventory. 2. Renter shall return items or have them ready for pick up on date and by time specified on invoice. Additional daily rental fees will apply for late returns and if items are not returned to the same location and condition they were delivered. 3. Cancellation of entire order must be done 30 days in advance. Deposit will be forfeited. Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC. reserves the right to allow for rental date rainchecks as long as new date is available for the order. 4. Invoice is to be paid in full 30 days prior to delivery. 5. The renter is responsible for loss or damage of items and will pay for the cost of replacement or repair. If lost or broken beyond repair, Damage Waiver paid does not apply and the client will be billed. If damaged yet repairable, client will be billed for costs beyond the Damage Waiver amount. Regarding tableware, Damage Waiver covers inventory that has been improperly crated and/or not rinsed; cost will be assessed for labor beyond the Damage Waiver amount. These costs will be assessed within 7 days of return and presented in a separate invoice, which the client has 5 days to respond to. Should the losses/damages stand after this 5 day period, renter will then be charged to the card on file for any amount beyond the refundable deposit (if applicable). Refundable deposit will be forfeit by renter should there be losses/damages. The replacement value of items will be calculated at four times the rental cost. 6. There is no warranty that rented items are free of defects. 7. Renter takes full responsibility for proper set up of rentals to ensure proper grounds for full stability. 8. If there is a threat of rain, the renter must keep inventory covered within a plastic covering bag or in a protected area away from rain or threat of damage. If the threat is imminent and the risk of damage to the rental property is too large, Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC has the right to restrict the use of rental items to limit damage. Damage charges will be incurred for weather and charged within 7 days after the event date. 9. Catering is required to rinse all tabletop items and reset into their proper crates according to the manner in which they were delivered. The renter takes responsibility for ensuring that catering fulfills this agreement. Scullery services are available to be contracted in advance of event date by Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC. Should this agreement not be fulfilled, additional labor costs above and beyond the Damage Waiver paid will be charged to the card on file within 7 days post the event date. Should this be a reoccurring concern with a specific catering vendor or venue, scullery services will be required at time of booking tabletop inventory for said vendor or venue. 10. The renter agrees that Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by the use of rental items to renter or any third party. The renter assumes all risk of personal property damage or personal injury and if any accident involving Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC's rental items has occurred while it is in renter’s possession. Renter shall make Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC aware by written statement of details of occurrence of event including police report and names and addresses of witnesses. 11. No less than $100 damage fee per item, will be assessed if items are returned with excessive soil as determined by Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC. 12. Set up by the Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC staff ensures inventory is arranged in the most appealing, safe and efficient means possible. If inventory is not set up by Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC, renter assumes responsibility of proper set up to ensure safety and protection of rental items. 13. At time of delivery, renter or representative party as designated by renter will be required to sign off on inventory delivered, agreeing that items are correct, as detailed on the invoice, and that counts of inventory are accurate. Upon receipt of signature, renter assumes responsibility for full order. Yonder Floral and Decor House, LLC, will charge card on file for any lost inventory based on invoice within 7 days post event date. 14. Returned checks will incur additional charges including but not exceeding all bank fees plus $30 processing fee.
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