Questions + Answers

Q1: How do I start the Rental Process?

a: Please click through our inventory and add what you love to your "Wishlist." This doesn't bind you to these items, but from here we will send you a proposal with availability and pricing. From this point, you will have 15 days to think about the goodies and decide if you'd like to move forward. Be sure to keep in touch with us, because your proposal will automatically expire after 15 days, releasing these items to other inquirers. If you would benefit from design assistance, please reach our to our team via!

Q2: How do I reserve my goods? 

a: After you receive your itemized proposal from us, your items will be held for your event date for 15 days.  To confirm, just let your contact know that you are ready and our Production Team will step in to assist you. First, you will be asked to complete our contract. Once done, you will be sent a link to pay your deposit (40% of the order total). Both must be completed within the above timeframe in order to avoid your order expiring. These steps will change your proposal to a confirmed order.

If you need more time, no problem; let us know and we'll work with you as much as possible to extend the proposal timeline.

Q3: Are there any other stipulations once we move to a confirmed order?

a. Please carefully read through our contract, which will outline all specifics. To highlight one clause, once the deposit has been paid, you are no longer able to reduce the monetary total of the invoice. You must continue to minimally meet the invoice amount as of the date of the paid deposit. Inventory selected may be changed, based upon availability, as long as the total invoiced amount is maintained.
For tabletop inventory only, client is able to reduce quantities of items by 10% no later than 30 days out.

Q4: When is my final Payment due?

a: Final payment must be made 30 days prior to your scheduled event. Our team will resend your invoice around this time as a reminder.

Q5: Yikes, I broke my rental. now what? 

a: All orders are charged a 10% nonrefundable damage waiver, allowing some piece of mind for our clients. Each damaged item is billed at 4x the rental charge, which is then subtracted from from the pre-paid damage waiver amount. Should the total in damages exceed the damage waiver paid, the excess will be billed to the card on file. The client will be notified first, allowing an opportunity to find any missing inventory. Please find more details in our contract.

q6: Do you have a Decor starting price? 

a: If you'd like your items delivered to you in the surrounding Denver area, our decor starting price is $3,000 subtotal. This area includes as far south as Larkspur, as far north as Lyons, and as far west as Boulder.  Smaller orders might be available for pick-up. Mountain deliveries as far as Aspen start at $4500 rental subtotal. Anywhere beyond that starts at $6500 or higher, depending upon location. These starting prices do not include taxes or fees.

Q7: What does the LABOR & Delivery FEE Include? 

a: Our fee includes the time of our crew and vehicles to load up for your event, travel to your event, unload and place your items, strike after the event, drive back to our warehouse, and unload/clean/reset after your event. Should your event require an overnight stay, then hotel and food per diems are also included within that fee.

Q8: How far do you deliver?

a: Non-local deliveries are accepted on a case by case basis. Mountain deliveries (as far as Aspen) start at $4,500 for delivery. Further deliveries start at $6,500 or higher, depending upon location.

Q9: Can I pick up instead? 

a: Vendor friends and planners are welcome to pick up most inventory, with some exceptions due to complicated set-up, weight, etc. A 40% refundable deposit is held on all pick up orders as a guarantee for safe return. Once all items are returned in the same condition as when they went out , these funds will be released back to you. If there are damages, please refer to Q5, which will apply to your refundable deposit. There is also a Will Call Fee to offset our staff's time to pull and reset the items. 

Q10: I want you to design my event florals. How do I get started? 

a: Please email with your request and someone from our team will be in touch within 2 business days!

Q11: Is there a starting price for Floral?

a: Our floral design starts at $8,000 for full service event floral design and onsite set up. Smaller budgets may be accommodated outside of peak season. Elopement packages do not have a set starting price and are subject to availability - Please ask!

Q12: I don't see what I'm Looking for...

a: We're always on the hunt for unique and eclectic goodies. Shoot us an email with what you're looking for and we'll put it on our radar. For bigger items or for a very specific vision, our incredible Fabricator and Customs Specialist may be able to create this for you in-house.

q13: What about custom builds?

a: We'd love to make your vision come to life. Email us with detailed specs or inspo pictures and we can see if we're the right people for the job! 

q14: I don't know what I'm looking for...can you help me?

a: Absolutely! We love design and are happy to take your ideas (or lack thereof!) and custom design a rental package for you. You are invited to schedule an appointment with us to visit our showroom and play with all things Yonder, or, we can take photos/make collages to assist you virtually; whichever works best for you. Please do note that this takes time and talent on our end and therefore, this may incur a design fee based upon the amount of time estimated to be involved. Please reach out to

Q15: Do you donate items to non-profits or for styled shoots?

a: We would love to accommodate as many inquiries and shoot opportunities as our schedules allow. Please submit your information to us via and we will do our best!