Gretchen Josten- Owner/ Creative Director

What do you consider the “Yonder Magic”?

Our team of Yonderettes is what makes the magic happen. We celebrate love in all forms, curate thoughtful ideas and produce the most unique and thoughtful events possible. We support each others’ visions and strengths which carries through from design conception to production to break down. We all have Beyonce pumping through our veins and our blood runs Yonder.

Why do you love your job?

I have been living this Yonder life since 2011 and have seen it grow from refinishing vintage furniture by myself out of our second bedroom, to a small garage workshop, with several warehouse spaces in between and now spreading our wings into 12,000 square feet of space filled with 11 full time employees and a flock of part time event crew that are as passionate about lil baby Yondie as I am. To me, this is not a job, this is my baby. I put everything I have in to each day and have grown so much over the last eight years. I take each success and failure as a learning experience and try to grow and elevate with each day.  

What is your biggest hope for Yonder? For yourself?
Yonder has always stayed true to who we are and what we believe in. My biggest hope is that we as a company and individuals can continue to flourish and thrive within our refined processes to allow our creativity to always lead us on a path of upward mobility. For myself, my biggest hope is to always continue to push beyond the now and to stand by our values of integrity, trust and family within Yonder no matter how much we may grow.

What’s a “go to” mantra/quote of yours and why?

“Diva is a female version of a hustla” - Beyonce

For obvious reasons, Beyonce is queen. She is the epitome of power, grace, beauty and confidence. Being a female in a male dominated industry & world is not a hurtle. It empowers me to take the doubt that others may throw my way as motivation to never let them see me fade. I will not accept mediocrity. I will be me. Authentically.