Kelsey Moore- House Manager

What occupies your time at Yonder?

I wear many hats at Yonder House. One day I can be found designing bomb lounges and custom designs for our clients. I truly enjoy pushing our limits to find new combinations of furniture or thinking up new ways to build products in smarter ways to make our clients lives easier and so much prettier. My team calls me the Customs Queen. I’d love to help make your unique visions come to life. Anything from branded decals to custom built backlit logo designs to learning how to make a custom neon LED sign for your upcoming special event. Later in the week I could be updating our website and inventory keeping us organized on the inside of our little house. A lot of my job is behind the scenes, but I love when I get to see that what I am doing helps brings our events to life and helps our clients make their day gorgeous.

If your life was a movie… what’s the title and who’s playing you?

My movie would be simply called “Girlish Tomboy” and I would be played by Anna Kendrick, in platform shoes, of course with a good 10” difference in height. People don’t expect me to be building and moving furniture every week by day and renovating my 100 year old home with my boyfriend, Jase, by night. Anna (we are on a first name basis) has the perfect bite and sass, but also level of loveability to accurately depict my full personality.

What do you love about Yonder?

What I love about Yonder is that we are a family and truly care not only about each other, but also treat the company as an additional sibling. We help each other grow as well as have deep passion for this company and with every fiber of our being want it to succeed. We all truly believe in what we are doing and enjoy all that we do. But we are seriously a family. We have sisters, brothers, wives, and husbands (and shop dogs). And we can all love each other by the end of the day.

What’s a “go to” mantra/quote of yours and why?

“I got this.” Not only is it reassuring for those around me, but it’s powerful when I need a little boost to also believe in myself. A client wants us to build a balloon installation that climbs the exterior of a building? I got this. A new bride wants a neon sign on a budget? I can learn how to do that. My best friend’s bridesmaids need their hair done for said friend’s wedding? What is a Maid of Honor for? If you need something, I will figure out a way to get it to you.