Rent The Casa Studio

Our 25ft x 18ft studio is located at our warehouse near Olde Towne Arvada. It features white floors, two white walls, and an updated accent wall. There is also a large south-facing window with tons of natural light and a suspended greenery wall. Rent one of our packages for your workshop or event, or book the empty studio and we'll help you fulfill your vision with our ala carte options. 

Blank Slate

Rent our 25ft x 18ft studio alone or add items as you see fit using our a la carte service. An awesome starting place for a custom space. Is also great for a photo space, yoga class,  or bare bones networking event. 2 hr minimum. 

$200/per hour


Seated Class with Demo 

Tall rolling demo table up front with plenty of space to either side for product or props. Room to walk through aisle and between tables to interact with participants. Great for hands-on workshops.

Seats 24 maximum dependent on how much space is needed per person at table. Pricing available per person.


Seated Class with Speaker Lounge

Small lounge including one sofa, one rug, and a coffee table. This is a great set up for an interview or Q&A session where participants may want to take notes. 

Seats 24 maximum, not including speaker. Pricing available per person.


Auditorium Style Speaker Lounge

Wood slat chairs used for guest seating, facing a small lounge occupied by the speaker or discussion leader. Our largest seated group option. White wall could also be used to project images for viewing party. 

Seats 50 maximum, not including speaker. Pricing available per person. 


Cocktail Hour Speaker Lounge

This standing room only option gives the studio a relaxed cocktail hour feel while allowing more people to fit into the space. Would be great to use in conjunction with food or beverage bars (not included). Great for mingling and facilitating open discussion with option for a speaker at the head of the room. 

Pricing available per person. 


Intimate Standing Class with Demo

This option allows for one to two people per table - depending on surface needed for activity. Fits 9 cocktail tables comfortably with demo up front. 

18 participants maximum. Pricing available per person.


Community style seating

Two long rows of tables  with chairs on either side and a wide aisle and our tall rolling demo table up front. Could work for short simple instruction with activity at table. This set up would also be great for a catering test or family style meal. 

Seat 32 maximum. Pricing available per person. 

A la Carte options

Pricing will be based off of availability and quantity needed

  • Add guest seating with our Eames or Wood Slat Chairs

  • Custom Lounge(s)

  • Rental of bar(s) for beverage or food service

  • Paint accent wall in coordinating color for your event or photoshoot

  • Rental of single tables including our cocktail tables, mod farm tables and rolling demo tables (2)

  • Add custom floral design